31DC2015 Metallic – Futuristic City


I was a bit lazy today and did another city design – but this one’s futuristic, so at least they’re not exactly the same! Anyway, I really like this one, especially since purple is my favorite color at the moment. Unfortunately, I can’t list all the polishes I used because the metallic silver and purple don’t have any names. The bottles are completely blank and I’ve had no luck finding them on the internet.


A while ago my friend gave me a bunch of polishes she wasn’t using, including this set of amazing metallic ones. If anyone recognizes the bottle and can let me know what brand it is, I’d really appreciate it. I can tell you that I used my regular old black and white stripers for the rest of the design: Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink and Phantom Frights Nail Art White. But those aren’t nearly as exciting . . .

Here’s an indoors photo with less glare:



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