31DC2015 Red – Flames


I’m starting the 31 Day Challenge a little earlier this year in hopes I’ll actually get it done on time! I’m really exited for these next few months weeks and can’t wait to see other bloggers’ amazing nail art! Last year I sketched out some designs in advanced so I’d have an idea of what I was going to do, but I haven’t really done that this year, so I’ll just have to think of ideas day by day.


I tried out a few different reds for this before finally deciding on combining two: Sinful Colors Hot & Sour for the base, then Sparitual Intention, a shimmery red, to go over it. I applied the Sparitual polish lightly, as I didn’t want the shimmer to overpower the rest of the design. For the flames, I first outlined the shapes with Phantom Frights Nail Art White, then filled them in using Sephora by OPI Hi Def, an orange polish. At this point, a bit of the orange leaked onto the white, so at the end I went over the outlines with the white striper again. I used another striper polish to add the yellow to the fire: Hurricane Nail Art Yellow.


I’m really happy with how it looks, but a bit bummed I’ll have to take it off right away. I already have an idea for tomorrow’s design though! Hopefully I can keep up this year :S


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