Diamond Nails + 31 Day Challenge 2015


I did these a while ago and submitted them to NAIL IT! for the gemstone theme for this year’s Nov/Dec issue. I only used one polish for this design, e.l.f Liquid Metal, and applied striping tape to get the ‘negative space’ sections. I wasn’t sure if the theme referred to just the color or the use of rhinestones, but I went for both. I didn’t apply any top coat over the rhinestones so that they’d remain shiny. Unfortunately, they didn’t last long, but I figured that would be the case anyway. Still, I think my nails looked really pretty while they were intact.

On another note, the 31 Day Challenge is just around the corner! I wasn’t going to do it this year as I was getting bored of some of the themes, but I changed my mind because I really do enjoy it overall. I think what I’ll do is look for an alternate version of the challenge, or maybe switch out some of the days I’ve grown tired of. Any suggestion on a good 31 Day Challenge I can try?

EDIT: I’m sticking with the 31 Day Challenge this year again, so for reference, here are the prompts from Chalkboard Nails‘ blog:



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