Neiru Workshop “Redefine Fine Lines” 3

These are the last designs I did for the Neiru Workshop. I love geometric/tribal inspired nail art, so I was really happy this was a theme. All of the nails I created did take me quite a long time, and several tries, to complete but they’re my favorites out of all the ones I’ve done for this workshop.


I’m so proud of this design, I love it! I had to do a lot of corrections with the white and black to thin out some sections, but thanks to the top coat that’s not too obvious. I did this design on both hands (though the right is nowhere near as neat) and I ended up splitting it between two days because it was so time consuming for me. The red polish is one of my favorites, Revlon Parfumerie China Flower. I could still smell the fragrance a couple of days after I painted them which was nice.


Above are my three designs inspired by the theme. I like the first and second one the most since I’m not too happy with how the color combination looks on the third one. I was tempted to use tape to make the lines straight, but I didn’t want to “cheat” so I stuck to my liner brush. I’d like to eventually do a full set of nails with these designs, though maybe use them more as an accent.

navajodusk_step1The original design is called “Navajo Dusk,” and this is my recreation of it. The white part should be a bit smaller than what I did, but it ended up covering a lot of the nail. I should’ve done it over so the background could be more visible (especially since I spent a while layering colors), but you can see more of it in the middle, so that’s okay.

That was it for the workshop! With so much nail art to do it became stressing at times, but I’m really glad I was able to complete it. This makes me want to do more challenges, though preferably ones that are slightly less involved!

Part 1
Part 2


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