Neiru Workshop “Redefine Fine Lines” 1

This month has been pretty hectic for me, but throughout it I’ve managed to find time to take part in another Neiru workshop. It’s finished now and I’m proud to say I got a cute certificate for my efforts :)

The workshop was split into three different sections, each featuring a nail design we had to recreate. We were also supposed to create three new designs inspired by it, and finally an entire five-nail design. Suffice to say, it was work!

This is my final design for the first section:


My top coat caused major smudges, which surprised me because I hadn’t had smudging problems with it before. I also think the gray to white gradient in the background didn’t help matters since fixing mistakes was trickier. As you can see, not all of the lines are thin as I wanted some of the outer portions emphasized.

neiruworkshop1-2These are the three separate designs I came up with.

I’m really happy with the color combinations even though the majority of my lines are uneven. As you can tell, the first part of the workshop was all about curved lines and Pucci-inspired designs.

Curved lines in general are hard work for me, and when I have to focus on making them thin, it’s even more challenging. But, I think they turned out pretty well.

Sorry for all the smudges by the way! I’m looking for some new top coats so I can find one that won’t smudge, is fast drying, and affordable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, below is my (second) recreation of the original design. When I had finished all my nails and looked back at the first one I couldn’t upload it, it was just so bad >.< So I re-did it and I think this one is still not great, but it’s way better.


Part 2
Part 3

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