Nail It! Magazine Cover Inspired Nails


When I saw the cover for the latest issue of Nail It! I instantly fell in love with the nail art (you can kind of see it in the background of the photos). The original design is by Ashley Craig, and the magazine includes several of her amazing rock-inspired nail art looks. I really wanted to recreate it but in a greenish/blue color scheme.


I began by applying a coat of Sparitual Emerald City, a semi-sheer teal polish. I wanted the nails to be less opaque in certain areas to give the impression of layers, like in Ashley’s original design. Using Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink, I then drew the curvy lines across the nails, trying to keep them “natural” looking. Finally, I added Hard Candy Emerald’s Eve, a super dense green and gold hex glitter in some of the sections. I love it! The original has bunches of Mylar as accents, but since I didn’t have that and didn’t want to use rhinestones, I just decided to leave it as is.


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