Turquoise Glitter Nails With Accent Studs


I really like these nails! I had some trouble photographing them as my camera kept picking up blue tones instead of green. The nail polishes aren’t as blue as they look in the photos. I used two Sinful Colors polishes: Green With Ivy and Savage. Savage is a blue (a bit turquoise) that dries matte. It doesn’t look bad matte, but I think it stands out more with shine. I used a coat of that for the base color and it covered evenly and opaquely. I like this polish but I don’t use it often because it stains my nails terribly.


I bought Green With Ivy recently and this is my first time using it. It’s a mix of stick glitter and mini round glitter in a sheer teal base. I only used one coat for the nails and I was able to apply a decent amount of glitter. For this design I prefer it sparse, but you’d need a few more coats to make the glitter look as dense as in the bottle.

The green and gold accent studs add some interest to an otherwise simple look, though I don’t think they’ll stay on long because of their large size.

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