Third Neiru Lesson Nails


This was the last lesson in the Neiru Fine Lines Workshop! The middle nail art design is the one I had to recreate, and the two on the sides are the ones I did for the challenge. I don’t really like how the colorful X one turned out. It looked great in my head, but the lines came out feathery and then the top coat smeared them even more. If I had to do it again, I would probably get rid of the black lines I drew on the X, so the gradient stands out more.

I’ve really enjoyed this two week workshop. While the Neiru designs look complex, the lessons were easy to follow, and I feel proud of how my recreations turned out. The lessons use gel polishes, so it was also a bit of a challenge applying some of the techniques to regular nail polish. The workshop has made me more aware of how I create my lines in general, and the distinction between thicker and thinner lines within the same design. I’m working on getting new brushes so I won’t have to use my striper nail art polishes as much, since I can’t get as fine a line with them. 


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