Swatches & Review: Ciaté’s Haute House

ciate - hautehouse

The Ciaté Haute House is one of the nail polish sets I bought on sale recently. I was excited to see it because I love dark, saturated colors. On the packaging it says the polishes have a “rich ink formula” and are “high pigment one stroke color.” I usually always do at least two coats, but these were good with just one (except For the Frill of It and Sass Pot). The polishes are also fast drying without using a top coat. I would still put a top coat on them for longer wear and shine, since without it they’re not super shiny.

(Click below for photos and to read more)

I’d also like to mention that I took these photos in a makeshift lightbox I made following several YouTube and blog tutorials. I think it turned out okay for using what I had around the house. But, it’s pretty small so I couldn’t fit the actual packaging inside – if you want to see more photos of it, you can check Ciaté’s website.

ciate - kneehighs

Ciaté – Knee Highs is a slightly metallic dark blue that applies easily in one coat. While I like it, out of the five it’s the one that least stood out to me, because I already have a few polishes that are similar (Sinful Colors Midnight Blue and Icing 7th Inning Stretch are two, though they are lighter). I do appreciate that this one’s a one-coater and fast-drying.

ciate - forthefrillofit

Ciaté – For the Frill of It is my favorite from the set. I’m a sucker for these spice colors! (Among my other favorites are Fresh Paint Steampunk, ORLY Rococo A-Go-Go, and Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice.) This one’s a shimmering bronze that shines green and yellow in the light. I applied two coats and I think the second coat really makes a difference in how vivid it looks.

ciate - ticklemyfancy

Ciaté – Tickle My Fancy is a dark, metallic turquoise. It’s more green than blue and it kind of reminds me of Sephora by OPI’s Teal We Meet Again, except that one’s not as dark. Pairing this polish with a flake top coat, like Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, looks great. I’ve done it with TWMA and it’s a pretty combination.

ciate - cancan

Ciaté – Can Can is a deep blue-toned red, and like the other polishes in the set, slightly metallic in finish. It also has tiny shimmer particles, but those are hard to see. This is the type of color I love using on my toes (like Sparitual Epicurean); it looks so sophisticated.

ciate - sasspot

Ciaté – Sass Pot is probably my second favorite. It’s a purple, and the darkest of the bunch. It was the hardest to photograph, because it kept coming out black. In person it’s not as blue as it looks in the photo, but more of a reddish-purple. I also used two coats for this one, since it isn’t too opaque. The only other polish I have that is similar is Milani Devoted 2 U, which is also a very deep purple.

I think the nail polishes in this set are especially good for autumn and winter, though I’d use them throughout the year. None of the colors are too different from what I’ve seen before, but it’s nice to have the darks in one set. I especially love how quickly they dried.


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