Swatches and Review: ELF 4pc Nail Polish Set

elf - holidaypack

I recently got this ELF set from a friend. It was a nice surprise, because I don’t have any ELF nail polish, though I have a ton of their makeup products. For the swatches I used 1-2 coats (no top coat) and found they were pigmented and easy to apply. I don’t have the packaging anymore, so I don’t know the exact name, but I think they are one of ELF’s holiday sets. The colors definitely remind me of the holiday season!

(click below for swatches)

elf - liquidmetal

ELF – Liquid Metal is a shimmering metallic silver. I only used one coat for the swatch and it went on evenly and opaque. I love how this polish looks in direct light, because it adds extra sparkle. A polish that’s pretty similar to this one is Sparitual Looking Glass, which is about half a shade lighter.

elf - loveme

ELF – Love Me is a super pretty red glitter that reminds me of flower petals. I tried to do a gradient effect over the silver and I think it came out nice. I applied one coat on the whole nail, then sponged another 2-3 coats of the glitter closer to the tips. While I didn’t do it in this swatch, it would be a good idea to paint the tips with a red polish first so the glitter doesn’t make the tip color look uneven. This is probably my favorite polish from the set because I don’t have a red glitter like this. The only other red glitter I have is Sephora by OPI Be-Claus I Said So, and that one’s a mix of hexagonal glitter and glitter dust, so it doesn’t give the same effect.

elf - purpledream

ELF – Purple Dream is a reddish-purple (not as blue as in the photo) with a hint of silver shimmer, though once applied it isn’t too obvious. I used two coats for this one since it was a bit sheer. In the photo it looks messy, but that’s because I applied it in a rush.

elf - greenmachine

ELF – Green Machine (or Mechine as it’s spelled on my bottle) is a dusty green cream. This one was really opaque in one coat, though I definitely think it could use a top coat to give it extra shine. I’m glad they included a cream polish in the set and didn’t make them all shimmer/glitter, because it makes it easier to mix and match with the others.

I think this is a cute holiday set and it really gets me in the Christmas nail art spirit! I tried looking on the ELF website but couldn’t find a link for it, though they have several other sets you can check out if you’re interested.


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