31DC2014 Water Marble: Caviar Beads Accent


Normally I’m not a fan of caviar beads fully covering the nail, because they tend to be too messy looking and cling onto things, but I love using them as accents. I think they look great complimenting the waves of the water marble, and they add some precision to an otherwise chaotic design. I do wish the beads would have better covered the pinky nail since the bald spots bother me, but from far away you can’t tell.


I had to use flash in the photos because the natural light was too dim, so the colors look much brighter. In real life the blue is darker and more subdued. For the water marble, I started off with L.A. Colors Circuits, a black base. I then used Kleancolor Bikini Green, ORLY Monroe’s Red, and ORLY Snowcone to marble with. I just realized this is my third time in a row using Snowcone, but I absolutely love it, and got it recently. I had originally planned on using a different red and blue (Revlon Parfumerie China Flower and Sparitual Circle of Life) but they didn’t work for the design I had in mind. The Sparitual polish didn’t marble well and was too dark over the black. The Revlon was better, but it also looked dark over the black base. For the pinky, I used Ciaté Ladylike Luxe, a shimmering gold, and the matching caviar pearls in Lustre, both of which come in the Caviar Manicure Luxe kit.



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