31DC2014 Stripes: Dried Flowers


I’m on the fence about these nails. I had a different design in mind, but when I finished it, you could barely tell the stripes, so I decided to save it for the floral day of the challenge.

I was excited to use the dried flowers in the Ciaté Flower Manicure – Strike A Posy, which comes with two containers of dried flowers, tweezers, a speed dry top coat, a nail file, and Ciaté mini Candy Floss, a bubblegum pink I used in the design. The flowers were really easy to apply. Once my nails were nearly dry, I applied some top coat (not the Ciaté one) on the area where I wanted the flower to be, then applied the flower with the tweezers. I cut some of the bigger flowers in half, but for the rest I just got rid of the excess using the sharp end of the tweezers. With my finger, I pressed down on the flowers and they stuck well to the nail, since the dried flowers are thin.

The other nail polishes I used in the design are Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Art Club Nail Art White, and an unnamed purple polish by Chic + Pretty. I liked the design before the flowers, but I think the problem I have with it is that from far away the flowers kind of look like blobs, since being natural they’re not too defined. I think they would look better on nails with only a base color, like in the promotional photos.


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