Pink & Gold Square Nail Art


Recently, I bought the Orly Surreal mini set, which includes 4 polishes from the collection: Angel Rain (which I already have a full size bottle of and love), Pink Waterfall, Pixie Powder, and Teal Unreal. For these nails, I used 2 of the shades: Pink Waterfall, a Barbie pink (darker and brighter than in the photo) that applies super easily and is opaque in one coat (though I did 2 for good measure); and Pixie Powder, a light purple shimmer. This one took about three coats to reach the opacity I wanted.

For the square outline, I used Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold. Finally, I applied gold metal rhinestones to the center of each square. I think this design is pretty different from ones I’ve done before, but I’m happy with how it turned out. By the way, this photo is from the second day, which is why there is a chip on the index nail.


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