esNAIL Inspired: Floral Checkered Nail Art


These nails were inspired by this design from esNAIL. I tried my best to recreate it exactly, but I don’t have acrylic for the flowers, so I just used nail polish. I began by painting the areas that would be white, then used black for the checkers. I freehanded them, going back a few times with both the black and white to fix any mistakes. I then added the color sections. For the red, I used Revlon Parfumerie China Flower. I love the scent of this polish, and the ease with which the color goes on.

For the blue, I used Sinful Colors Rain Storm, and the yellow is Sally Girl Canary. Once it was pretty dry, I applied the foil. It was a bit tricky to achieve the same effect as in the original design, and I had to fix some parts that ended up with too much foil. After that, I painted the flowers, and glued on the rhinestones. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, though it took forever, especially for both hands!


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