Stamped Houndstooth Nail Art


I’ve had a cold this past week, and really had no energy to paint my nails. I’m just starting to get better now, and was tired of seeing them bare. So, I decided to go with a stamping design that would be quick. Unfortunately, I messed up quite a lot, since I still don’t have much experience with stamping, and I consider this result kind of a fail. But, I decided to post it anyway, since from far away it doesn’t look too bad.

The biggest issue I had was getting the whole image to transfer off the stamper as I rolled it onto my nails. My nails are really curved, and a lot of the time the bottom half of the image didn’t transfer. That’s mainly why there is so much messy overlap towards the free edge – my attempts at ‘fixing’ it.

The colors I used were:

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue (this color stamped the best)
Revlon Parfumerie China Flower
Sparitual Shoot for the Stars, Yes, I Can
Fresh Paint Firefly


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