Ice Cream Cones Nail Art


Summer’s only a couple of months away, and I know I’ll soon be hearing the jingle of the ice cream trucks. I feel like I’ve been constantly staring at my nails since I did them! I wanted to do a design that would emphasize the more rounded shape of my nails, and when I finally thought of ice cream cones I couldn’t believe it took me so long.

The cone base is Sinful Colors Espionage and I used Essie Case Study for the waffle texture. For the thumb and ring finger, or the vanilla with sprinkles, I painted 2 coats of Sally Hansen White On, then layered Milani Sugar High over it. I love the colors in this glitter. It’s also pretty dense so I don’t have to fish around to pick up glitter.

For the mint chocolate chip on the ring finger I used Revlon Jaded. The black is from a two-way nail art pen and brush by Phantom Frights. I found this and a white one on sale recently, and I think they work great. The brush can create really delicate looking lines, and the pen side is handy for dotting, or more intricate designs.

The chocolate on the middle nail is Sinful Colors Nirvana, and the strawberry on the pinky is Kleancolor Pastel Pink.

My favorite flavor is actually coffee with cookie chunks, but I thought the coffee would blend in too much with the cone. What flavor(s) would you choose?


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