Red French Tip Hearts Nail Art


I love how these turned out! I’ve done heart tips before, but never on a pointed/round nail. It took me a while to file the nails to get the exact shape I wanted, but I’m really happy with them now. As you can see from the photo, I decided to make each nail different. For the index and ring fingers I used red flocking powder, rhinestones for the middle finger, foil on the pinky, and I left the thumb with only the nail polish. The base is Milani Creme Brulee and the hearts are Sparitual Radiant.

On a different note, I started using again an old instagram (cmyknails) account I had. I took a photo of these nails, and on there the index nail has glitter instead of flocking powder. I changed it later, because I didn’t like how the glitter looked, but if you want to see that, you can always check it out there!


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