Rotating Nail Polish Display Review

NailPolishDisplayHi, everyone! Today I’m reviewing the new rotating nail polish display I bought on Amazon. I used to keep my nail polishes in a pair of wall racks I DIY’d out of poster board. Those were working fine for a while, but I started to want a storage solution that I could move around. Finally, I had to take the racks down so the room could be painted, and that’s when I decided to buy the rotating rack. It arrived quickly and was securely packaged, which I was glad about, since I had read some reviews that the displays arrived cracked. Mine had no cracks in it, but I was very careful about taking it out of the package. One thing to take into consideration (and something I read on the reviews but it just didn’t sink in): it’s big. I knew it would be large, but when I unpacked it, I was surprised by the size, and I ended up placing it somewhere else than where I had originally thought. To get an idea of size, imagine stacking five bottles of polish on top of each other.


All of my polishes fit well into the display, but here are some notes:

1. Sephora by OPI polish bottles only fit on the top shelves, since they’re open on top.

2. Bottles that are really wide on the bottom may not fit properly. I had this issue with a few ICING polishes. On some shelves they fit better, and rotating them to find the narrower side also helped.

3. The display comes with a lid that says “Nail Polish Center” on it. You can show that, but I decided to flip it over so I could put polishes on top.

I arranged my polishes by color, because it’s easier for me to find a specific one when I have a design in mind. However, I ordered some polish swatch sticks that I’m waiting on, and when I receive those I might rearrange them by brand.

Overall, I really like this rack, and I love turning it! I would definitely recommend getting this if it’s the type of storage solution you’re looking for.

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