Black Spotted Nails + Fing’rs Heart 2 Art See Spot Run Review


I was super excited when I saw Fing’rs Heart 2 Art See Spot Run, a nail polish which is supposed to create a spotted look similar to cutepolish’s Water Spotted nails. However, after I tried it a lot of times, I was disappointed. The instructions on the bottle stated to apply the spotted top coat over a dried basecoat. It suggests a thick coat for less and larger spots, and a thin coat for more small spots. I tried different methods when testing the polish but I kept getting few spots. I noticed that immediately while I was applying the polish the spots would start to form. They’re so fast that there’s no time to finish the nail before they appear. So when I painted one side of the nail, then did the other, the new side would partly cover the spots from the side I’d done first. I had to be very careful, and even then I didn’t find the results to be that great, particularly on my shorter nails.


I also found that depending on the polish base color, the spotted top coat reacted differently. As you can see in the photos, some cracked, ruining the spotted effect. On the swatch wheel, I applied no shiny top coat. But I did on my nails, waiting until they dried like the instructions said, and I still got some cracking.

Removal was very difficult. I used regular nail polish remover and it took a while to get all the polish off. Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with this spotted top coat, and prefer the result I got by using the water and spray method (which I used for these nails).



2 thoughts on “Black Spotted Nails + Fing’rs Heart 2 Art See Spot Run Review

  1. Anna McMann says:

    i have a trick when useing this polish take ur base color put it on then use NYC 99 cent exra shine clear top coat on top then apply black then apply top coat agian. th shineyer and newer polish works best.


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