Snake Skin Nails + L’Oreal Nail Stickers Review


This photo is three-day wear, so they don’t look as fresh as when I first did them. I began by applying the L’Oreal Project Runway Limited Edition Nail Stickers in The Seductive Temptress. Once they were all on, I applied Wet ‘n’ Wild Black Creme to the corners with a sponge. I used Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold to accent the nails and added some golden caviar beads, that ended up losing a bit of their color with the topcoat.

I didn’t have a difficult time finding the right size for the stickers, though I messed up on a few and ended up with too much nail showing on the sides. The fact that they were on a clear plastic was helpful since I didn’t have to unstick them to check if they fit. The main problem I had was at the edge. After I filed off the leftover, the edge looked and felt very uneven and I could see my natural nail. That was the main reason I decided to add more to the design with the black. I used it to cover up those bits where the nail was visible. There were also some spots that ended up a bit crinkly and wouldn’t flatten. That was less noticeable after applying the black and topcoat, but it still kind of bothered me.

Removing them was easy – first I removed the top coat and polish, then peeled the stickers off, and used polish remover again for the residue. I have 7 left (I messed up on one and had to throw it out), which I plan to use for accent nails in the future. I think I would have worn them longer if it hadn’t been for the caviar beads.


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