31 Day Challenge 2013: Inspired by a Movie


This design is inspired by The Little Mermaid. Recently, I saw the Disney version again after not watching it since I was a kid – my favorite character is still Scuttle! As soon as I saw this challenge was coming up, I instantly knew which movie I’d pick.

Here are all the colors I used:

Bubbles (thumb & ring fingers):
I started with Sinful Colors Paradise, then with large and small dotting tools made the bubbles in Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues. I dotted ORLY Angel Rain on top of the bubbles to give them an iridescent effect. Finally, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White to highlight. The bubbles are my favorite part of the look.

Ariel’s Fin (index finger):
I used Sinful Colors Open Seas for the base color, then went over it with a thin coat of Wet ‘n’ Wild Ocean Grotto (Did you notice my attempt at choosing polishes with sea-related names? ;) For the lines on the fin, I used a long, thin nail art brush and white polish. I went over all of it with Sinful Colors Pacific Ocean, a sheer green/blue duochrome. To give it some dimension, I retraced some lines with the white.

Ariel’s Shell Bra (little finger):
This one was the most complicated for me to do. I wanted to get the look of the shells, but I had a difficult time getting the shape right. Wet ‘n’ Wild On a Trip was my base color, and I drew in the lines with Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier. I kind of did a mix of Sinful Colors Let Me Go and Let’s Talk in between. Let’s Talk is a reddish-purple (looking more blue in the photo) shimmer/metallic color, and Let Me Go is a sheer purple/green duochrome.

Starfish & Sand (middle finger):
I applied two coats of Mattese Glistening Nude as the sand. I love this color – it’s a light beige with gold shimmer. The starfish is Sparitual Weathered The Storm with Wet ‘n’ Wild Waves of Enchantment on top. I used white to outline the starfish and make tiny dots on the sand, but I think I could have gone without that.


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