31 Day Challenge 2013: Metallic


I would’ve posted these sooner, but I’ve had a cold for a couple of weeks now and haven’t felt like painting my nails too much. Now that I’m better though, I’m really excited to continue the challenge! I was a bit unsure of what to do for metallic nails, but I knew I wanted to use my foils. So, I decided to do a gradient with a matte black. The matte black I used is Sparitual Body. It applies evenly, but doesn’t stay completely matte for long. After about a day, it had more of a satin finish.

I ended up not top coating, because I didn’t want to dull the shine in the foil. Unfortunately, it only took a day for the foil to rub off since it had no top coat. I think the main problem wasn’t the water or soap, but hand sanitizer. Immediately after using it, I noticed most of the foil was gone. I think it might have been the alcohol, but I’m not sure. The shine from the foil isn’t too obvious in the photo, but it had already rubbed off before I thought to take a better one.


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