Gradient Mosaic / Stained Glass Nail Art


For this design, I started off with a white base (Sinful Colors Snow Me White), then added top coat so it would dry faster. Once it completely dried, I placed pieces of striping tape in the design I wanted, then on top applied the nail polish. I had to be careful when removing the tape because if I waited too long, certain colors would peel off. It took a long time and several tries to get it right, but I love the result!

Wet N Wild Tickled Pink
Sinful Colors Pink Forever
Mattese Pink Royale

Fresh Paint Passion Fruit
Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet
Sparitual Shoot for the Stars

Sparitual Full of Life
Sinful Colors Paradise
Sinful Colors Most Sinful

Fresh Paint Honeydew
Kleancolor Bikini Green
Sinful Colors Envy

Sinful Colors Unicorn
Sally Girl Canary
Sinful Colors Pull Over


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