Gold Rhinestones Necklace Nails


I love how these turned out! I was on and saw a few nails that featured a necklace design, so I decided to pull out my rhinestone wheel and give it a try. I think the necklace effect is more obvious in this photo (with flash):

The base color is 2 coats of Sinful Colors’ Mercury Rising, one of my favorites. Although it is a pretty dark color, the copper/brown is still very obvious. It has a subtle reddish shimmer as well. I decided to make the little finger the accent nail and used Icing’s After Party, a multi-color flaky. I sponged the flakes on as it was difficult to get them out with the brush and onto the nail. It also settles a bit, even almost immediately after shaking, but the effect is worth it.

At first I had planned to use gold micro beads for the necklace part, but I only had silver, so I went with the teardrop rhinestones instead. The thumb nails were originally plain, but I thought they looked too empty in comparison with the rest, so I added some rhinestones in the corner. For the “pendant” part, I used a bigger rhinestone, then dotted Maybelline’s Bold Gold around it to give it something extra. I added topcoat over the smaller golden rhinestones but not the bigger ones, because it would dull them too much – I hope they don’t fall off anytime soon.

Both hands!


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