Art Deco/Great Gatsby Inspired Nails


I went to see The Great Gatsby a couple of days ago with a friend (I loved it by the way!), and did these nails inspired by the book. I’m not entirely sure if the design would be considered art deco though.

The blue I used is Sinful Colors’ Most Sinful from the new “Sinful Shine” line. I love this blue and have been looking for this color for a while. As for the shine part, once dried, I didn’t see any high shine that was that different from other polishes I have. Not sure if it’s just my perception, but I just didn’t find it was that shiny; although you could get away without top coating it if you wanted.

The gold is Art Club’s Fine Gold striper. The white is NYC’s French White Tip. I don’t think I’ll be buying this white again, I find it difficult to work with as it goes on streaky, unless you apply it quickly. I notice this happens more when I apply it over a base (Milani’s Base Coat) as opposed to the natural nail, but I don’t want to stop using my base.

I layered two green polishes on the little finger (inspired by the green light!): Sinful Colors’ San Francisco and Wet n Wild Fastdry’s Ocean Grotto.

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