Kleancolor Haul & Swatches

A few days ago I ordered 13 Kleancolor nail polishes off of ebay, mainly because I wanted some of the pastel colors. To my surprise I got them about 2 days afterwards (yesterday), and I couldn’t wait to try them. Above you’ll only see 12 because one of them (Mango Burst) came defective, incredibly thick (even the metal ball inside wouldn’t move). I wrote to the seller about it and they refunded the worth of the individual polish, which is about $1.30. It’s pretty much unusable and I couldn’t even swatch it; I don’t have any thinner, but I might go pick some up and see if that will help. All of the other colors are fine though.

For the swatches, I applied 2 coats with the exception of the sheer pastel colors which are 3. All of the photos are in natural light, although I did play around with contrast later to try to get more accurate color.

Bikini Green is an almost neon bright green. When I saw it in some photos online, it looked more pastel, until I saw it in person and realized it is much brighter. It’s a bit darker in person. Sangria Burst is pretty accurate, although it came off on camera much more orange than it is; it’s more pink.

Neon Yellow is not as neon as it is bright. As you can see from the photo, it is still kind of sheer after 2 coats. I think one more and it would’ve been opaque. Pastel Orange is pretty accurate. I wish the nail polish would’ve been slightly more orange though.

These two are among my favorites! Holo Chrome is a purple base leaning to the cool side with holo glitters in it. It was a bit sheer, but this is 2 coats, so it’s not that bad. The red is Bite Me, which I fell in love with after I saw this photo of it with a matte topcoat. In person it’s darker.

Pastel Purple is the reason why I bought these in the first place! I really love this color; it’s kind of similar to Revlon’s Flirt but lighter. Pastel Pink is brighter and more pink in person. It reminds me of OPI’s Mod About You which I recently had to throw out because it had gotten too old and thick.

The camera did not capture these well at all–also, sorry for the white spots on my nails. In this photo they look the same, but Sheer Pastel Pink is clearly pink in person, while Sheer Pastel White isn’t pink at all, just sheer white. Also, the bottles in the photo are switched, the one to the bottom right  is the sheer white, and the one above is the sheer pink. They look streaky (these are both 3 coats), but it’s because by this time I was kind of rushing to swatch and take photos before the sun went down, so I didn’t really wait between coats. Normally I would only apply 2 coats, since they’re supposed to be sheer, but I was trying to cover the stain on my nails.

Last pair! Blood is a dark red (much darker than in the photo), and I love it. I’ve been looking for a dark red that’s kind of close to maroon but brighter, and this one is perfect! I would normally apply 3 coats however, as the 2 in the photo didn’t come off as opaque as I’d like it to be. I was hesitant in getting Sheer Red, because a long time ago I purchased a sheer red from Orly (can’t remember the name now) and I didn’t like at all how it looked. But I wanted to try it again and it looked really pretty in the bottle. Turns out now I really like how it looks!

It’s been a long post! Overall, I really love these colors and didn’t even realize until I had opened the package how many reds and pinks I had gotten. I can’t wait to use them; I’ve had my nails unpainted for a couple of days now while I try to get out the stains that Sinful Color’s Innocent left on my nails. I have tried nearly everything people have suggested or that I read/watched online and nothing has worked! My tips are slightly whiter, but the rest of the nail just looks duller, but the same color. I might make a post on that later on.


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