You’re My Other Half! (Fruit Halves Nail Art)


I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately and it has inspired me to try fruit nail art! I have fruit fimo slices, but every time I try to use them I have a hard time getting the fimo to stay put. I really like how it turned out–the only one I’m not too crazy about is the kiwi, I think it actually came out better on my right hand.

Thumb – Orange
As a base color, I used Orly’s Crush On You, then used Art Club’s white striper to make the definitions between the orange slices and the middle part. Because Crush on You is a sheer/jelly color, I went over the white again with it to try to make it more realistic looking. For the slices, I added Sinful Color’s Clementine and Pull Over with a thin nail art brush to add depth.

Index – Strawberry
I started out with two coats of Orly’s Monroe’s Red, then painted the white lines with the striper. To go over the white, I used Essie’s Secret Stash, which is a sheer/jelly pink.

Middle – Kiwi
The base color for this one is Sinful Color’s Innocent (which I just realized I’ve been using a lot of lately–but it did stain my nail from the last time I used it). The darker lines in the middle are with Icing’s True Beauty and they came out messier than I had first intended. I used the white striper for the middle and did the seeds with Kiss’s Black striper.

Ring – Banana
This one was much easier and quicker to do than the others. I used Sinful Color’s Unicorn as a base, which I think is a perfect color for the inside of the banana. However, it took 3 coats to get the color even because the polish is so streaky. I did the middle of the banana with Essie’s Case Study and used a bit of the white for shadowing.

Pinky – Dragonfruit
By the time I got to the pinky, I wasn’t sure which fruit to do, and I didn’t want to do a lemon or lime because it would be similar to the orange. So I went with dragonfruit which was really fun to do. I painted the nail white using the striper, then made a thick outline with Mattese’s Pink Royale. I just used the black striper as a dotter to make the seeds.

It took a long time, especially for both hands, but it was really fun! I think doing the nails all in just one fruit would also look really nice. If you did a fruit nail art manicure, which fruits would you choose?


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