Nail Polish Comparison

Hi! I just wanted to update with a quick post comparing some nail colors. A friend recently gave me two Cover Girl nail polishes which I love and have colors similar to them. The two nail polishes are Cover Girl constant caribbean and vio-last. The ones I compared them to are Revlon Top Speed’s Ocean and wet n wild megalast’s On a Trip:

They aren’t exactly the same. Although it’s not as obvious in the photo of the bottles, Cover Girl vio-last is about a shade darker than wet n wild’s On a Trip. For the turquoise colors, constant caribbean isn’t as green as Ocean, and is more sheer and less metallic. In the swatches below, the first purple to the left is wet n wild, then Cover Girl; the first turquoise after is also Cover Girl, and the last one is Revlon. All are 2 coats and I used natural light for this photo:

Here are a couple of photos of the colors side by side on my nails. For these I used artificial light.

In this photo, Revlon’s Ocean is just 1 coat while CG constant caribbean (sorry for the misspelling on the photo) is 2 coats.

Both of these look slightly more purple and not so blue in person. As you can probably tell, the CG is darker, but not by much. Both are 1 coat.

While not 100% dupes, they are pretty similar in case you can’t get a hold of one or the other!

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