Purple Glitter Nails


Sinful Colors Let’s Talk, Faceted, Let Me Go, Dream On
ICING Bet Me and Lose
Hurricane Nail Art White

Before this, I did a pink look using Revlon’s Nail Polish Duos in Post Modern (the pink side) and topped two of the nails on each hand with Revlon’s Girly, a new glitter that I really love. It’s a pink/lavender base and is packed with pink and purple glitter. I used Pro FX Long Wearing Top Coat, which is where the problem was. I bought it last week and first used it over Revlon’s Dreamer (which is a lovely blue similar to Orly’s Snowcone. Tes Did It Nails has a great blog post on the comparison.) Well, when I applied that top coat over Dreamer, I noticed it bubbled, a lot. So a few days back I tried it again and it bubbled again. It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo below because the color is so light, but it was obvious in person.


I was also not a fan of how the glitter looked layered over Post Modern’s pink and on top of that I smudged it a bit because the top coat takes a really long time to dry. I used a different top coat for the purple design (a green tea quick dry one), but will keep trying the Pro FX to see if it bubbles on other brands apart from Revlon.

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