Purple Glitter Nails


Sorry for not posting in a while, but I wasn’t happy with my last nail design, so I decided to skip it. I also haven’t had many ideas for nail art lately. I might start a challenge soon since they’re always really fun to do. Anyway, this nail art is simple, but it looks so pretty in person.

For my base color, I used Orly Close Your Eyes, a beautiful red-toned purple. I applied two coats of this polish and was surprised by the opacity and pigmentation. I’m not sure why, but I expected it to be sheerer for some reason. I wish I hadn’t covered it up as much as I did because it’s such a great color.

I used a couple glitter polishes for the design. It was originally supposed to be a gradient, but I was in a rush so I didn’t do a great job of blending. The polishes I used are Sinful Colors Star Studded and Milani Jewel FX Lavender.

Simple Stripes Pink Nails


I did these nails a couple of weeks ago, but I was waiting until the holidays were over to post them. They’re simple, but I really like them. I wanted a bright pink mani with just a small detail. The pink is Revlon Parfumerie African Tea Rose, and the green stripe is Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven.

Easter 2016 Nail Art


These nails started out very different from what I ended up with. I was originally going for a light pastel look, but as I looked through designs of decorated eggs, I wanted to use more vivid colors instead.  Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day 2016: Lucky Clover Nail Art


This post is a little late, but these are the nails I wore for St. Patrick’s Day. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day 2016: Green Glitter Nails


I don’t wear a lot of green nail art, but I love the base color I used for these nails: Color Club Mini EdieContinue reading

Recreating My First Nail Art: Tiger Stripes


When I was getting into nail art the first design I did (not including French tips) was tiger stripes.  Continue reading

Purple and Gray Striped Nails


Some time ago I did a striped design using different finishes for each color and I really liked it, so I decided to do something similar. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2016: Stamped Love Nails


I didn’t really have any ideas for a Valentine’s Day design this year, so I decided to go for another stamped look. Continue reading

Stamped Sweater Nails


Finally back from my break! I was planning on posting sooner, but some things came up and I didn’t have a chance. Anyway, ever since I bought the sweater stamping plate (BP-L018) from Born Pretty, I’ve been really wanting to wear some sweater patterned nails! Continue reading

My Favorite Nail Art From 2015

Several bloggers have already posted their favorite designs from last year (two that inspired me to do this specifically are PiggieLuv and Lacquer Lockdown, both which have incredible designs!) and it’s been really fun reading the posts and looking back at all the nail art from 2015. So I thought it would be a cool idea to pick 10 of my own favorites. Read more below!

Continue reading