Holidays 2017 – Abstract Christmas Nails

I’m really loving these nails, I think they look so festive! They were quick to do and I didn’t use any special tools. On Cyber Monday I purchased this year’s Julep #Coveted set of mini nail polishes (I’ll have swatches and a review of that up soon), so I used several of those in this design.

For the pink glitter nails I used Julep Azalea, a pink holographic glitter with a yellow/gold sheen. I didn’t use sponging for the glitter since it was pretty dense, but I did apply three coats which made it nearly opaque.

For the striped nails I used Julep Fran, a bright red, and a rose gold nameless polish from Academy of Colour. I like the red, but it takes several coats to achieve full opacity. I did two coats on these nails and there were some areas that still looked semi-sheer. What I should have done was use the red as a base, then paint the stripes with the rose gold, but instead I did all the stripes separately which ended up being more work.

Finally, for the Christmas tree nail (my favorite), I began by applying two coats of Julep Yixi, a pretty mint shimmer for the background. Using Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil I then painted a curvy line down the nail to resemble the tree shape. To give it more dimension, I painted a thinner line over it with Julep Jolene, a greenish-gold metallic. I added the star by dabbing Julep Marisol, an orange shimmer, on the top of the tree.


Burgundy Nails with Gold Accent

There’s not much going on in these nails except for the accent, but I was in the mood for something simple. The burgundy is Julep Hayley, and I really like the color though it took three coats for full coverage. I used a mixture of glitter and foil for the gold accent nail.

I’ll be posting some Christmas and holiday nail art soon!

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

I’m really loving these autumn inspired leaf nails! These took me a while since I did a couple different techniques. For my thumb and pinky nails I did water spotting using spray hand sanitizer. The pinky nail looks more like a water marble, but I just experimented with the water spotting to get different designs. I love how the thumb nail turned out, it’s definitely my favorite!

For the leaves, I used stamping plate BP-L001 which has several nature and floral themed images. Once stamped, the leaves were a bit faded, so I painted a brighter orange on some sections. I’m glad I also added the gold touches here and there because it brings the design together. I used a lot of polishes for this nail art, but below are the major ones.

Sinful Colors Envy, Copper Pot
Revlon Raven Red, Sassy
Sparitual Improvisation, Mind

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit Review

I finally got around to doing this review after having bought the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in Holographic a few weeks ago at Ulta for around $25. Before that, I’d bought the smaller kit in Rose Gold for $15 at a pharmacy, but returned it after I was unhappy with the results. But I really wanted to try the holographic chrome look without using gel, which is why I decided to give it a second chance.

The kit I bought comes with 5 items: the holographic chrome powder, a sponge applicator, the Salon Chrome top coat, the Miracle Gel Nail Polish in black, and the Miracle Gel top coat.

To start, I applied two coats of the black nail polish, which was runny and sheer. I let it dry until it was tacky, although figuring out the right amount of time to leave it took some practice. The first time I let the polish dry too long, and when I rubbed the powder on it didn’t stick well.

The instructions say that you don’t need a lot of powder for application, but in my experience certain areas required more powder for better coverage. That might have been because they dried faster. Once the powder was on, I applied the special top coat to protect the chrome effect and let that completely dry. To finish it all off, I used the Miracle Gel top coat that was provided.

I ended up with a few dents here and there from where I brushed the applicator too hard. The edges were also difficult to get the powder to stick to, and again that may have been because they dried faster. I think this technique definitely takes practice, regardless of what brand you’re using. I had a much easier time on my other hand once I’d finished the first.

Overall, I was happy with the end result, especially in the sun and bright lighting. In any other light it was dull gray with only a slight rainbow shimmer.

However, I would not recommend this kit. At $25 it was expensive, and even the $15 version isn’t worth the price. The first one I bought, the Rose Gold, only gave a shimmer effect and did not look like what was on the box. On top of that, they don’t give you a lot of powder. By the time I’d finished all ten nails, I had used a considerable amount of it. It’s also important to note that these don’t have much staying power, and they start to fade quickly after 1-2 days.

Instead, I would recommend buying individual pots of powder online. I was browsing for some of those myself on Amazon and Born Pretty Store and a lot of the time you can choose the amount of pigment included, with prices ranging from $2 to more than $30 depending on the brand. You can also find a variety of water based top coats which don’t ruin the effect.

In short, I would recommend looking for cheaper alternatives before spending money on a kit which isn’t going to give you the same long-lasting effect that a gel manicure would.

Stamped Halloween 2017 Nail Art

Here are my nails for Halloween! There were a ton of images on the stamping plates (BPX-L007 and BP-L057) I loved and was saving to use all together in one design. I had planned to color these in, but due to time I just did them in black and white. I’m actually glad I didn’t color them in because it has a coloring book style that looks really cool. I used Pure Ice Super Star for the white, and Pueen Black Jack as the stamping polish.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe!

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Frankenstein Nail Art

Here’s the last prompt of the Glam Nails Challenge October and I think these nails are so cute – I love them! At first I wasn’t sure what to do for the Frankenstein prompt, but then I got the idea to do the monster’s different facial expressions. I started with two coats of UNT Olive Branch for the monster’s face, then used Sinful Colors Lavender for the accent nail. I drew the expressions using Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pens in black and white, although you could get the same result with a liner or a similar brush.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, and I was able to do several Halloween designs I hadn’t done before. I only regret not posting more earlier in the month since I had hoped to do a few more non-challenge Halloween designs, but I do have one more to post.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Stamped Ghosts Nail Art

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do ghost nails again since I recently did ones for the 31 Day Challenge (here), but since I wanted to complete all the prompts, I just took a different spin on it. I applied two coats of Revlon Silver Dollar, then once that dried, stamped on the ghosts image from plate BPX-L007. In person it’s a bit hard to tell since the white doesn’t stand out as much against the silver, but I like how subtle it looks.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Stamped Haunted House Nail Art

I love these nails so much I don’t want to take them off! But I still have a few more Halloween designs to do before the month is over. As with my previous stamped designs this month, I’ve used the plates BPX-L007 and BP-L057. I love the images on them and want to use as many as I can while still keeping a good balance of freehanded and stamped nail art posts.

These nails didn’t take long to do at all since the stamping was so quick. I began by applying one coat of Fresh Paint Firefly, then sponged OPI Color Paints Landscape Artist over it. Once the stamping was done, I started sponging Icing Gargoyle to resemble fog, but I didn’t like how it was turning out so I stopped before making it too intense.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Sugar Skull Nail Art

When I started this design I wasn’t sure if I should add any embellishments to the sugar skulls apart from the painted designs, but I’m so glad I did. The pearls and bows really make a huge difference to how the design looks overall. Due to the size of the skulls, the designs I did weren’t detailed, just mainly dots. The deco ties everything together and makes them look fancier.

I wasn’t able to take photos outside, so I had to use indoor lighting instead. Because of that the holo in the background doesn’t look that strong, but under the right lighting it’s amazing. I used the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome in Holographic Kit and it worked really well. I was skeptical at first because I had previously bought the pink version and it didn’t work at all, but I saw the holo version and had to give that a try. I’ll have a review of that up sometime next week!

Anyway, to paint the skulls I used Fresh Paint Firefly, a light gray. Some of them came out looking more like skulls than others, but thankfully the deco covers the majority of the misshapen parts. I think this nail art came out pretty cute and it’s a great option for a not-so-dark Halloween design.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Candy Corn Nail Art

Candy corn has always been representative of Halloween for me. I’m not a fan of the taste, but I do think it has a cool design. I’m a little disappointed in myself for messing up the color order (orange is in the middle), but I double checked once the design was completely finished and I didn’t feel like redoing it. I still really like how it turned out though!

I began by drawing two diagonal lines down the nail to form a triangle. I then filled in the top section with the white, then proceeded to fill in the remaining sections using Hurricane Nail Art Yellow and Sinful Colors Clementine. I did these on my bare nails without using a base color.