31DC2015 Water Marble – Abstract Floral


Water marble day is usually a pain for me, but it is supposed to be a challenge! I usually spend most of my time trying to find polishes that spread well in the water. This time was no different. My first attempts at creating a flower failed because they were all too big for my nails. Finally I realized I should just work with the inner parts of the bullseye instead of the whole thing, and then I started getting some floral designs that could actually fit on my nails.

My favorite is the middle nail, which reminds me of a fern. The flowers look okay, but I don’t like them as much as my pastel warble marble I did a couple of years ago. I love the touch of glitter I added though – I think it makes it look much better.

Revlon Peachy
Revlon Sassy
Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear?
Essie Golden Nuggets

31DC2015 Galaxy – Starry Space


I’m not a huge fan of the “galaxy” prompt because there’s only so much I can do with it.  Last year I tried pastel galaxies and they ended up looking like a watercolor explosion. I’ve seen a lot of amazing galaxy nail art but I don’t feel too inspired when doing my own nails in this style. Still, these may be the most galaxy-looking ones I’ve done. They look cool from far away too which is nice. These also gave me a chance to finally put to use Revlon Celestial FX a holo silver glitter with starts, moons, and diamonds.

Icing Bet Me and Lose
ORLY Snowcone
ORLY Monroe’s Red
Revlon Celestial FX

31DC2015 Half Moon – Burgundy & Gold Studded Nails


I’m really loving this color combination! The gold foil perfectly complements the metallic burgundy (Essie Sweet & Delicious). Since I wasn’t sure whether or not the foil would completely cover the nail (and it didn’t), I applied Color Club Pearl District, a metallic gold with a hint of olive, as a base. I considered adding black rhinestones instead of the gold studs, but I think the contrast between the shiny smooth gold of the studs and the textured foil looks really good.

31DC2015 Glitter – Feathered Blue on Gold


Abstract designs like this are so much fun to do because there’s really no “wrong” way of going about it. The glitter here is more subtle than in past challenges, but it still works. I started with a coat of Sparitual Gratitude, a shimmering bronze with a matte finish. I then added random curved lines using Sparitual Circle of Life, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go for Gold, and Sinful Colors Nail Art Anxious Azure. The glitter I used is Ciaté Party Shoes, a festive gold and blue/green glitter. It’s also not too dense so it can go all over the nail without covering up the design underneath.

I think I’ve been doing a good job now of staying on track with the challenge! Sure, it’s way past September, but I might actually finish before December this year! Let’s hope I can keep it up.

31DC2015 Geometric – Overlapping Triangles


For this nail art I used my Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Pen in White. I thought it would be easier to use than a liner brush, and it was, but the triangles didn’t come out as crisp as I would have liked. Next time I do a design like this I’ll definitely try to make the lines neater. Sorry for my messy cuticles by the way – I’ve been trying to get them in shape but the cold has really dried them out.

Sinful Colors Open Seas
Sinful Colors Navy I Do
ORLY Snowcone

31DC2015 Delicate – Stamped Lace


I’m never completely sure what to do for the ‘delicate’ prompt. Last year I also did stamped lace. I’m happy with how this design looks, though now that I’m thinking about it, pearls might have gone better with the theme instead of rhinestones.

The base polish is Sinful Colors Prosecco, a light taupe with golden shimmer. I used Born Pretty stamping plate BP – L020 for the lace. It took me several tries to get the stamps to look somewhat decent. I first tried using a regular white polish and the design barely showed up. I then switched to an old white nail art polish that, being thicker, worked much better.

31DC2015 Floral – Flowers on Warm Gradient


For this year’s 31 Day Challenge, I’ve been trying to do nail art that is quick but doesn’t look too simple. This design took me less than an hour to do and I did it exclusively with the polish brushes, so I’m really proud of it! I did it a few days ago and unfortunately I can’t remember all the polishes I used, but the colors can be easily substituted.

I began with a three-color gradient of oranges and yellow. I unevenly layered the colors using the brushes and they blended well. I then drew in stems and leaves using Revlon Eclectic and Sinful Colors Envy. So the stems wouldn’t look too thick, I cleaned the majority of the polish off the brush first then made sure to apply little pressure.

For the flowers, I dabbed on Sinful Colors Hot & Sour and ORLY Pink Waterfall to form the petals. As a final touch, I added yellow dots in the centers.

31DC2015 Animal Print – Koi Scales


Animal print is one of my favorite prompts for this challenge because there are so many possibilities. I had a lot of fun with this dotticure and it was so quick to do. I began with two coats of Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen – which actually does smell like fabric softener. I then placed random clusters of dots using Sparitual Kindness. This is a beautiful orange with gold shimmer that is perfect for the fall season (I definitely want to use this color as a base for another design soon). I looked up some koi photos and tried to mimic how the scales looked in terms of color. There are many varieties of koi, but the one I used as a guide had some black in the orange parts, so I added black dots as well. For the white/gray scales, I mixed Fresh Paint Firefly with Fresh Linen, then placed them in the open areas, making sure to leave some uncovered space so they would actually look like distinct dots.

31DC2015 Stripes – Blue and Teal Stripes


I really like this pattern and color combo. Originally I was going to use curved french tip guides to make it less messy, but that ended up being just too complicated and time consuming, so I free-handed it instead. The blue is one of my favorites, Sinful Colors Most Sinful, and the teal is Sparitual Low Tide. This is a great color, but not the easiest to work with since it’s not completely opaque and I had to layer over some of the stripes to fix mistakes and unevenness.

31DC2015 Polka Dots – Ornate Design


I’m glad to be getting back into the 31DC2015 after a month of Halloween designs. I didn’t really have a plan for these nails, so I just picked out a few colors I wanted to use together and winged it – I love how the gold glitter looks with the orange!

Fresh Paint Passion Fruit
Hurricane Nail Art Yellow
Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold
Kleancolor Sangria Burst
Sinful Colors Pull Over