4th of July Nails + Update

I love how these 4th of July inspired nails look! It was really fun doing them too, since I was just randomly applying foil without worrying about a set pattern. For the base color, I used one coat of Kleancolor Metallic Aqua, a super opaque and pretty shade. I then applied the silver foil which didn’t require foil glue, and finally the red last, which did need glue to stick.

As for the Glam Nails Challenge for June, I unfortunately wasn’t able to finish it, and probably won’t. I did do the bird design and will upload that soon, and I might do a couple of the other prompts in the future.

For now I’ll be taking a short rest from nail art due to possible Tendinitis, but I do have a couple of recent nail art designs to post in the meantime. I hope to be actively doing nail art again by August!


Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Jungle Nail Art

I’m really happy with how these jungle nails for the challenge turned out! At first I was going to do stamping, but after a couple tries, I didn’t like how that looked. This design ended up being a mix of things, from jungle to leopard print, but I love it. I think the deco flowers especially make it look more colorful and fun. Sadly, they really didn’t last long on my nails, but I used regular top coat, not nail glue, so I’m sure that would make a difference.

I used so many polishes, I lost track of all the greens, so I won’t list them. But I will mention that the background on the jungle nails isn’t just black, but black with a coat of sheer blue on top. Though it’s not visible in the photos, in person it makes it so you can see a blue sheen over the black parts. It’s just something I got the idea to try and ended up really liking.

I know I’m super behind on the challenge (as usual!), but I’ll try my best to get the rest of the prompts done before the month ends!

Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Paisley Nail Art

The second prompt of this month’s challenge is paisley. I personally don’t like how paisley patterns look all that much, so I went with a simple design. I still wanted to keep it a bit colorful, so I used a variety of polishes for the background and lighter shades for the paisleys themselves.

Revlon Plum Seduction, Sassy
Sinful Colors Lavender
Kiss Nail Art Soft Blue
Sparitual Shoot For The Stars

Glam Nails Challenge June 2018 – Cactus Nail Art

I always get the urge to do some nail challenges during the summer months! I’m a little bit late, but here’s the first prompt for this month’s Glam Nails Challenge: cactus (or cacti in this case)! I just did a cute little pattern I thought of right after seeing the prompt. The base shade, Ciaté Pretty in Putty, gave me so much trouble though. It might have been because it was a mini, but it was so streaky and thick I won’t be using it again.

The rest of the polishes I used in this design are:

Sinful Colors Envy
Revlon Sassy
Color Club Trick of the Trade

Here are the rest of the prompts for June’s challenge created by @nbnailart on Instagram. If you’re thinking of giving it a try, you should! You don’t have to stick to it 100% — just have fun with it!


Stamped Woodland Animal Nails

For these woodland animal nails, I decided to go for a subtle color to focus on the stamps. I used Revlon Romantique, a dusty pink, that from certain angles blends with my skintone. I then stamped a variety of images from Harunouta plate L018. These are really cute and I like how they perfectly fit the nails. I considered coloring in the stamps, but I prefer the simpler white outline look for this particular design.

Floral Decal Mirror Nails

A few years ago I bought some floral water decals, and while I used one, never got around to using the other ones (you can see that design here). I finally grabbed them the other day and I’m so glad I did, because I love how they turned out!

They were much easier to apply than how I remember from back when I first did it. I just cut up the sections I was going to use, removed the plastic covering, then put each one in room-temperature water for about 20 seconds. After taking them out of the water, I used tweezers to separate the clear design from the white paper backing.

Since I knew they’d be clear, I first painted two coats of white on the nails, letting it dry almost completely before applying the decals. To do that, I just placed one on the nail, adjusting it so I could get the part of the picture that I wanted, then applied top coat. That melted the decal enough that I could easily remove the excess with the tweezers. I’d also recommend making cuts along the outer part of the decal so it lays flat when you’re applying it.

For the mirror nails I used a nail powder and gel top coat with the UV lamp I got for Christmas last year. I’d actually done those for another design I wore for a few days before deciding I didn’t like it. I took photos of it, but I doubt I’ll post them – I just wasn’t happy with it. But I liked the mirror nails, so I decided to keep those and change the rest.

As a finishing touch, I added the rhinestones to complement the floral nails. The rhinestones are stickers that already come in that design so it was super easy to apply them.

Earth Day 2018 Nails

Happy Earth Day! I was going to do something a bit more involved, but liked this idea better; a sunset landscape inspired by a photo I took. I began by painting one coat of white polish, then let that dry. I then sponged on a gradient of 5 colors: Sinful Colors Pull Over, OPI Color Paints Primarily Yellow, Sinful Colors Beverly Hills, Ciaté Chinchilla, and Orly Snowcone.

Even though I covered most of the yellow with the black, I like the amount that peaks through, especially when the grass slopes down. I didn’t add the trees right away, but it looked too empty without them. I was originally going to do pine trees, then I realized I’ve done too many of those before, so I went with something a bit more tropical-looking.

I thought I had been doing Earth Day nails every year, but when I checked I only had one for 2014! If you want to check that one out, click here!

Swirl Border Nail Art

Here are some simple border nails on a nude background. I used a coat of Sparitual Idyllic, a sheer pink, as a base, then painted the borders and swirls on with white acrylic paint.

I was on vacation last week and planned to post the nails I wore then, but kept forgetting to photograph them, and by the time I got back they were pretty chipped. I really like the design (zebra print), so I might redo them, but this week I definitely felt like something less intense. These border nails didn’t take long, but I did have some trouble with the brush I was using since it wasn’t thin enough. A thinner brush would have made the details much sharper.

Stamped Easter 2018 Nail Art

This design took me a while, but I love it. I used stamping plate L033, an Easter-themed one with several bunny and decorative egg designs. Since I bought stamping polish in different colors a while back, I had intended to use my jelly stamper which I really enjoy, but it would not fully pick up the images. I’m not sure if they’re too shallow or if it’s something else, but I had to switch to my rubber stamper.

To color in the images I used a mix of OPI Color Paints and Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens in various colors. There was some smearing when I first added the color over the black stamp, but I solved this by applying top coat after stamping.

Video Game Nails – Classic Tomb Raider

Apart from doing my nails, I also really enjoy playing video games, both on PC and consoles. So, I thought I would do a few nail art designs inspired by some of my favorite video games. I don’t plan on posting these one after the other, but every now and then I’ll continue this theme.

The first design in this series is inspired by my favorite video game franchise, Tomb Raider! These are based on the classic games, specifically 1-3, but I love the reboot as well. I primarily used acrylic paints for these nails, with the exception of the glitters: Sephora by OPI It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat and Sinful Colors Devil’s Stare. While I like the effect the Sephora polish gives, it’s a pain to get any real glitter payoff since there is so much clear base in the bottle. I was much more sparse with the Sinful Colors glitter since that is more dense and I only wanted a hint of the red.

I based the design on some of the artifacts Lara collects in the games (can you tell which ones?) and I’m really proud of how they turned out. This took a bit longer to do than I had anticipated, but I wanted to make sure I got the artifacts (mostly) right.

I’m super excited for Shadow of the Tomb Raider to come out in September – I can’t wait to play it! Once release date rolls around I might do some nails for it.