Valentine’s Day 2016: Stamped Love Nails


I didn’t really have any ideas for a Valentine’s Day design this year, so I decided to go for another stamped look. Continue reading

Stamped Sweater Nails


Finally back from my break! I was planning on posting sooner, but some things came up and I didn’t have a chance. Anyway, ever since I bought the sweater stamping plate (BP-L018) from Born Pretty, I’ve been really wanting to wear some sweater patterned nails! Continue reading

My Favorite Nail Art From 2015

Several bloggers have already posted their favorite designs from last year (two that inspired me to do this specifically are PiggieLuv and Lacquer Lockdown, both which have incredible designs!) and it’s been really fun reading the posts and looking back at all the nail art from 2015. So I thought it would be a cool idea to pick 10 of my own favorites. Read more below!

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Themed Thursday December – New Year’s Fireworks Nail Art


The last nail art of the challenge, and I’m actually on time with this one! Today’s prompt is New Year’s Day. And what better symbolizes New Year celebrations than fireworks? Continue reading

Themed Thursday December – Champagne Nail Art


I’m really loving the glitter in this nail art! I wasn’t sure what to do at first and thought of just doing a shimmery design. Then I remembered Sparitual Cha Cha Cha, a glittery metallic purple, and knew it would be the perfect backdrop for a champagne look. It looks even more amazing with the gold glitter flecks from Sinful Colors Twilight Twinkles. I thought the flecks would be difficult to pick up, but I had no trouble.


For the glitter nails, I painted the tips with Color Club Apollo Star, a shimmery champagne polish, then used Sinful Colors Smoking Hot to extend it into a gradient. For the champagne inside the glasses, I used one of my favorite polishes for the holidays, Finger Paints Key To My Art. Only one more design left in 2015!

If you’re interested in seeing some of my other favorite holiday polishes, I wrote a post on the subject last year, here!

Themed Thursday December – Christmas Trees Nail Art


I don’t know about this nail art, it looked way better in my head. I thought making different Christmas trees would be a good idea if I gave them all the same color scheme, but it’s just a mess. The middle nail was supposed to be a rhinestone tree not an explosion, by the way. I do kind of like the ring finger nail. I used tape to make a triangle, then sponged a blue to green gradient over it. After removing the tape, I applied striping tape around the edges and to make the trunk. The gradient is not very obvious in the photo, but it looks better in person.

Ciaté Knee Highs
Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor
Maybelline Color Show Blue Blowout
Sparitual Crystal Eyes
Sparitual Blue Lagoon
Kleancolor Bikini Green

Themed Thursday December – Candy Cane Nail Art


The “candy cane” prompt took me so long to get done. I started off making a pattern of mini candy canes, but it looked terrible. Then I did something abstract that just ended up looking like DNA. I think it finally looks good like this.

Kleancolor Sheer Red
Sinful Colors Nail Art My  Day
Pure Ice Super Star

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Themed Thursday December – Santa Claus Nail Art


My Santa looks so cute! I considered painting reindeer or elves, but didn’t really want to, so even though the theme is “Santa and Friends” it’s just Santa and rhinestones for now!


Today I was so excited to finally receive the metal ring nail deco I had ordered in gold and silver. I kept seeing these on nail art all over, but had no idea where to get them. I found mine on ebay and I’m really liking them so far, though they’re a bit tricky to pick up. I ordered 4mm and my standard size rhinestones fit perfectly in the center. They look amazing on the accent nail.

For the colors, the red is a combination of two polishes: Sparitual Aroused, a dark brick red, and Sparitual Improvisation, a red tint with blue and pink shimmer. On its own it would have been too sheer for what I was going for (though the tint is well pigmented), so that’s why I applied it over a red base.

Sinful Colors Espionage (skin)
Ciaté Snow Virgin (beard)
Kiss Nail Art Soft Pink (cheeks)

Themed Thursday December – Gingerbread Nail Art


I love gingerbread cookies and making gingerbread houses. (A couple years ago I also did a gingerbread and peppermint candy design if you want to check it out here!) So I definitely had to incorporate both into my design!

I’m really happy with how the gingerbread man pattern turned out on my thumb, and I think a design using just that pattern would be so cute. I don’t have many brown polishes so I chose the dark brown I usually do, Sinful Colors Nirvana. The beige is Sinful Colors Espionage, a polish that applies well and is opaque in two coats. For the outlines of the houses and decor I used acrylic paints. Originally I was going to use a regular shiny top coat, but I decided to go for matte since it reminded me more of cookies.

Themed Thursday December – Christmas Lights Nail Art


This was a quick design to do and I think it turned out pretty well apart from a few messy spots here and there. I didn’t want to go too colorful with this one, and instead opted for an icy color scheme. The background polish is Ciaté Chinchilla, a blue-gray. I really like the look of the white lights, but it would be so easy to add color if you wanted to.