Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit Review

I finally got around to doing this review after having bought the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in Holographic a few weeks ago at Ulta for around $25. Before that, I’d bought the smaller kit in Rose Gold for $15 at a pharmacy, but returned it after I was unhappy with the results. But I really wanted to try the holographic chrome look without using gel, which is why I decided to give it a second chance.

The kit I bought comes with 5 items: the holographic chrome powder, a sponge applicator, the Salon Chrome top coat, the Miracle Gel Nail Polish in black, and the Miracle Gel top coat.

To start, I applied two coats of the black nail polish, which was runny and sheer. I let it dry until it was tacky, although figuring out the right amount of time to leave it took some practice. The first time I let the polish dry too long, and when I rubbed the powder on it didn’t stick well.

The instructions say that you don’t need a lot of powder for application, but in my experience certain areas required more powder for better coverage. That might have been because they dried faster. Once the powder was on, I applied the special top coat to protect the chrome effect and let that completely dry. To finish it all off, I used the Miracle Gel top coat that was provided.

I ended up with a few dents here and there from where I brushed the applicator too hard. The edges were also difficult to get the powder to stick to, and again that may have been because they dried faster. I think this technique definitely takes practice, regardless of what brand you’re using. I had a much easier time on my other hand once I’d finished the first.

Overall, I was happy with the end result, especially in the sun and bright lighting. In any other light it was dull gray with only a slight rainbow shimmer.

However, I would not recommend this kit. At $25 it was expensive, and even the $15 version isn’t worth the price. The first one I bought, the Rose Gold, only gave a shimmer effect and did not look like what was on the box. On top of that, they don’t give you a lot of powder. By the time I’d finished all ten nails, I had used a considerable amount of it. It’s also important to note that these don’t have much staying power, and they start to fade quickly after 1-2 days.

Instead, I would recommend buying individual pots of powder online. I was browsing for some of those myself on Amazon and Born Pretty Store and a lot of the time you can choose the amount of pigment included, with prices ranging from $2 to more than $30 depending on the brand. You can also find a variety of water based top coats which don’t ruin the effect.

In short, I would recommend looking for cheaper alternatives before spending money on a kit which isn’t going to give you the same long-lasting effect that a gel manicure would.


Stamped Halloween 2017 Nail Art

Here are my nails for Halloween! There were a ton of images on the stamping plates (BPX-L007 and BP-L057) I loved and was saving to use all together in one design. I had planned to color these in, but due to time I just did them in black and white. I’m actually glad I didn’t color them in because it has a coloring book style that looks really cool. I used Pure Ice Super Star for the white, and Pueen Black Jack as the stamping polish.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe!

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Frankenstein Nail Art

Here’s the last prompt of the Glam Nails Challenge October and I think these nails are so cute – I love them! At first I wasn’t sure what to do for the Frankenstein prompt, but then I got the idea to do the monster’s different facial expressions. I started with two coats of UNT Olive Branch for the monster’s face, then used Sinful Colors Lavender for the accent nail. I drew the expressions using Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pens in black and white, although you could get the same result with a liner or a similar brush.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, and I was able to do several Halloween designs I hadn’t done before. I only regret not posting more earlier in the month since I had hoped to do a few more non-challenge Halloween designs, but I do have one more to post.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Stamped Ghosts Nail Art

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do ghost nails again since I recently did ones for the 31 Day Challenge (here), but since I wanted to complete all the prompts, I just took a different spin on it. I applied two coats of Revlon Silver Dollar, then once that dried, stamped on the ghosts image from plate BPX-L007. In person it’s a bit hard to tell since the white doesn’t stand out as much against the silver, but I like how subtle it looks.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Stamped Haunted House Nail Art

I love these nails so much I don’t want to take them off! But I still have a few more Halloween designs to do before the month is over. As with my previous stamped designs this month, I’ve used the plates BPX-L007 and BP-L057. I love the images on them and want to use as many as I can while still keeping a good balance of freehanded and stamped nail art posts.

These nails didn’t take long to do at all since the stamping was so quick. I began by applying one coat of Fresh Paint Firefly, then sponged OPI Color Paints Landscape Artist over it. Once the stamping was done, I started sponging Icing Gargoyle to resemble fog, but I didn’t like how it was turning out so I stopped before making it too intense.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Sugar Skull Nail Art

When I started this design I wasn’t sure if I should add any embellishments to the sugar skulls apart from the painted designs, but I’m so glad I did. The pearls and bows really make a huge difference to how the design looks overall. Due to the size of the skulls, the designs I did weren’t detailed, just mainly dots. The deco ties everything together and makes them look fancier.

I wasn’t able to take photos outside, so I had to use indoor lighting instead. Because of that the holo in the background doesn’t look that strong, but under the right lighting it’s amazing. I used the Sally Hansen Salon Chrome in Holographic Kit and it worked really well. I was skeptical at first because I had previously bought the pink version and it didn’t work at all, but I saw the holo version and had to give that a try. I’ll have a review of that up sometime next week!

Anyway, to paint the skulls I used Fresh Paint Firefly, a light gray. Some of them came out looking more like skulls than others, but thankfully the deco covers the majority of the misshapen parts. I think this nail art came out pretty cute and it’s a great option for a not-so-dark Halloween design.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Candy Corn Nail Art

Candy corn has always been representative of Halloween for me. I’m not a fan of the taste, but I do think it has a cool design. I’m a little disappointed in myself for messing up the color order (orange is in the middle), but I double checked once the design was completely finished and I didn’t feel like redoing it. I still really like how it turned out though!

I began by drawing two diagonal lines down the nail to form a triangle. I then filled in the top section with the white, then proceeded to fill in the remaining sections using Hurricane Nail Art Yellow and Sinful Colors Clementine. I did these on my bare nails without using a base color.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Stamped Skeleton Nail Art

I love these cute stamped skeleton nails! If you look closely, you can also see that I used newspaper print for the background. I wanted it to have a vintage look, so that’s why I chose a sepia palette using Essie Case Study and Milani Creme Brulee.

For the newspaper background, I cut out sections of random text from the paper, then using a cotton ball soaked in hand sanitizer (because I didn’t have any rubbing alcohol), I pressed it to the newspaper and that to the nail. It transferred the print really well. I then applied a top coat to seal in the ink and keep it from fading. Once that dried, I stamped on the skeletons using stamping plate BP-L057.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Black Cat Nail Art

Freehanded black cat nails for the Glam Nails Challenge! These took me a while to do, but once I finished I was super happy with the result. Unfortunately, a while after applying Seche Vite, the edges shrunk a bit and some of the white from the background came through. Not a major issue, but still annoying.

For this design, I did a radial gradient to resemble a street light. I used three polishes for the gradient: Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil, Kleancolor Neon Yellow, and Ciaté Talent Scout, applying them like a bullseye on the sponge. To draw the black cats I used my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pens in various colors.

Glam Nails Challenge Oct – Stamped Spider Web Nail Art

My second design of the October Glam Nails Challenge: spider webs on a purple gradient! It’s hard to actually see the gradient effect on these nails since the spider webs cover up most of it, but I used three different purple polishes: Sinful Colors Fig, Salon Perfect Purple POP!, and Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia, which gave it a super pretty shimmery effect on one side.

For the accent nail, I applied Kleancolor Metallic Mango, and I absolutely love how it looks! Metallic oranges and copper are some of my favorite shades of nail polish and they’re perfect Halloween colors. I stamped in the spiders and webs using images from the two Halloween plates I own: BPX-L007 and BP-L057.

Last year I did a similar spider web design, but completely freehanded, which you can check out here!