Tweed Nails


I had seen several “tweed” and “fuzzy” polishes around but had been hesitant to pick any up because I knew it would take several layers to achieve the “tweed” look. I’m always tempted by stick glitter, because it looks so pretty in the bottle, but when I apply a coat or two on my nails, I think it just looks weird. I finally decided to give it a chance, and bought Revlon Tweed Mini. I applied it over two coats of China Glaze Holographic Don’t Be A Luna-tic. It took a lot of coats! I ended up applying between 5-6. I love how it looks when it’s densely packed, though next time I think I’ll try it on a darker background. I added the lime green rhinestones as accents.

Bright Abstract Nails


I’m not sure I love this nail art as a whole, but I’m really happy with the blue and green designs. I used a lot of nail art stripers and polishes for this. Here is the list:

Sinful Colors Lavender, Charge It Up, San Francisco, Athens, Silver Belle
Sinful Colors Nail Art Anxious Azure, Take It Easy, Simple But Fun
Sparitual Imaginarium
Kiss Nail Art Soft Blue, Bikini Green

Red Floral Nail Art


I’ve been on vacation this past week, and didn’t really have a chance to paint my nails. I did wear essie sweet & delicious, a dark, slightly metallic red, which looks great on the toes (I posted a picture of it on my instagram if you’re interested).

For these nails, I started with 2 coats of Ciaté Paper Doll, a matte white. It comes in the Dolls House Collection with four other pastel colors that are supposed to have a ‘porcelain finish,’ though they just seem like matte polishes to me. It took 2 coats for an even application, since the first coat was streaky, which might have been because the polish is so fast drying.

For the flowers, I used Sparitual Aroused and Sparitual Weathered the Storm. With the polish brush, I did quick strokes for the leaves with Revlon Sassy, and added some glitter with Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat.

Summer Floral Nail Art


I was originally going to do a design inspired by a scarf I bought, but I didn’t like the end result, so I decided to change it last minute. I had used green for the background, but it ended up looking too messy. Sorry about the glare on the nails, the design is kind of hard to see.

Sparitual Yes, I Can
Sparitual Dreamsicle
Sparitual A World of Compassion
Sinful Colors Easy Going
Sinful Colors Espionage


4th of July 2014 Nail Art


I love how these turned out! For this design, I started off with one coat of Milani Creme Brulee, a semi-sheer beige, and one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme White On for the accent nail. I originally had planned on only doing the tips, but I got carried away and brought the color down more. With the polish brushes, I made abstract swirls in blue and red with Sinful Colors Most Sinful and Kleancolor Blood. I then sponged over them to give it a messier look and to emphasize the gradient. After painting on the white lines with a striper brush, I placed the blue and red sequins.

It’s a bit early still, but happy fourth of July!

Violet Flowers Nail Art Water Decals


I love these! I wanted to try water decals for a long time, and a couple of weeks ago I finally ordered three different floral designs off of ebay. This is the seller for anyone who’s interested – I received them fairly quickly, by the way.

Application was a bit tricky at first. For the base color, I used Ciaté Poppet, a matte pastel purple that comes in their Doll House collection (it’s showing up a bit too bluish in the photo). The accent nail is Orly Pixie Powder over 2 coats of Milani 3D Hi-Res.

The decals come in a tiny envelope, and consist of one sheet for all 10 nails. If buying more than one from the seller, I would recommend  ordering them together to save on shipping. To get the decal on my nails, I used a cup of warm water and a pair of tweezers (I also watched several YouTube videos to get ready). I cut the decal to the size of my nail, then peeled off the plastic that’s attached. Using the tweezers, I dipped the decal under water for about 15-25 seconds. After pulling it out, I used the tweezers to separate the transparent decal from the backing paper, and placed it on my nail. Finally, I top coated, and cleaned up the extra around my cuticle with acetone.

Some things I learned while doing this:

  • Cold water won’t work (at least it didn’t for me). It has to be warm.
  • The decals come in between 2 sheets. The top one is the transparent plastic that you need to take off before placing it in the water. I forgot to do this on my second nail, and couldn’t get it to work after it had been in the water. There is also a white backing paper that you need to separate the decal from after it has been in the water.
  • I had some trouble getting one of the decals to stick onto my nail, so I pressed it down as best as I could, then top coated it quickly. The top coat helped to melt it onto the nail.

Once you practice applying these a few times, it becomes pretty quick and easy to do. I think these are great for when you don’t have time to make an elaborate design, or just don’t feel like it.

Pink & Gold Square Nail Art


Recently, I bought the Orly Surreal mini set, which includes 4 polishes from the collection: Angel Rain (which I already have a full size bottle of and love), Pink Waterfall, Pixie Powder, and Teal Unreal. For these nails, I used 2 of the shades: Pink Waterfall, a Barbie pink (darker and brighter than in the photo) that applies super easily and is opaque in one coat (though I did 2 for good measure); and Pixie Powder, a light purple shimmer. This one took about three coats to reach the opacity I wanted.

For the square outline, I used Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold. Finally, I applied gold metal rhinestones to the center of each square. I think this design is pretty different from ones I’ve done before, but I’m happy with how it turned out. By the way, this photo is from the second day, which is why there is a chip on the index nail.

Blue & Gold Glitter Gradient Nails


I love this color combination! This design was really easy and quick to do. I started with two coats of Sephora by OPI Shiny Dancer, a dark blue color with silver shimmer. Then, I painted the tips with Art Club Nail Art Fine Gold and Sephora by OPI The Golden Age, which I brought down to the middle of the nail to give it that gradient effect.

Summer Flowers Nail Art



Although it might not be so obvious from the photo, I did a subtle blue gradient for this nail design. I used Sephora by OPI Natural Environ-mint and Sinful Colors Paradise. The flowers are Orly French Tip, a white that’s not too opaque. For the flower centers, I used Mattese Pink Royale, and the leaves are Sinful Colors Nail Art Take Me To Heaven and Kiss Nail Art Bikini Green. I love these – they make me want to jump into a pool!