Pumpkin Patch Nail Art


So I decided to take a small break from the 31 Day Challenge to post some Fall- and Halloween-themed nail art, since I didn’t do any last year. For this pumpkin patch design, I first used Maybelline Styled Out. I then outlined and filled in the pumpkin and leaf shapes with white. I used two orange polishes for the pumpkins: Sinful Colors Clementine for the base and Sparitual Kindness to give them some shimmer and depth. The leaves are Finger Paints Underwater Enchantress, a shimmering metallic green that’s slightly sheer. I had to go over the leaves twice, but I love the effect.


I wanted to do something more abstract (and quicker) on my right hand, so I went with diagonal stripes. I used the same colors, starting off with Maybelline Styled Out for the base, then using white to create the stripes. I went over them with Sinful Colors Clementine, Finger Paints Underwater Enchantress, and Sparitual Intuition, a sheer, shimmery blue-purple.

31DC2014 Flowers: Monochrome Flowers


Two posts in one day! Actually, I did these nails a few days ago for the ‘stripes’ day of the challenge, but when I finished I realized the stripes were barely visible. The black is Sparitual Body, a matte black. The stripes are Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Diamond, and though you can’t tell since the background is black, there’s black shimmer along with the silver glitter. For the white flowers, I used Phantom Frights Nail Art White. I didn’t apply any top coat to the nails.

31DC2014 Animal Print: Leopard Slanted Tip


One of the very first designs I did when I was getting into nail art is leopard print, and it’s still one of my favorites. To change it up a bit from my usual, I decided to only do it in a slanted tip. I began with one coat of Sparitual Reminisce, a semi-sheer nude shimmer. Then, I painted in the tips with Sparitual Mind. For the spots, I used another Sparitual polish, Running With Wolves, a beautiful bronze. To outline the spots, I used Salon Perfect Nail Art Black Ink. I’m really liking this nail art striper, because the brush is so thin it’s easier to do detail work.

31DC2014 Stripes: Dried Flowers


I’m on the fence about these nails. I had a different design in mind, but when I finished it, you could barely tell the stripes, so I decided to save it for the floral day of the challenge.

I was excited to use the dried flowers in the Ciaté Flower Manicure – Strike A Posy, which comes with two containers of dried flowers, tweezers, a speed dry top coat, a nail file, and Ciaté mini Candy Floss, a bubblegum pink I used in the design. The flowers were really easy to apply. Once my nails were nearly dry, I applied some top coat (not the Ciaté one) on the area where I wanted the flower to be, then applied the flower with the tweezers. I cut some of the bigger flowers in half, but for the rest I just got rid of the excess using the sharp end of the tweezers. With my finger, I pressed down on the flowers and they stuck well to the nail, since the dried flowers are thin.

The other nail polishes I used in the design are Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Art Club Nail Art White, and an unnamed purple polish by Chic + Pretty. I liked the design before the flowers, but I think the problem I have with it is that from far away the flowers kind of look like blobs, since being natural they’re not too defined. I think they would look better on nails with only a base color, like in the promotional photos.

31DC2014 Polka Dots: On Pink


I didn’t have too many ideas for polka dots, so I went with something easy. I used Wet ‘n’ Wild Tickled Pink on two-thirds of my nails, and once that had dried, I layered Sinful Colors Tutu, a perfect sheer pink, over it. For the white polka dots, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme White On. I had meant to do a gradient as the background, and was hoping the sheer pink could blur out the darker pink a bit, but that didn’t work out. Next time, I plan to definitely use more than two shades, or use a sponge for blending.

31DC2014 Gradient: Reverse Gradient


I noticed I’ve been doing a lot of triangle designs this year for the challenge. I love geometric designs, so I’m pretty happy with all of these so far! For this one, I began with a gradient of Sinful Colors Most Sinful, Brucci Kathy’s Baby Blues, and Sinful Colors Espionage. I sponged two coats of that before applying a fast-drying top coat. I was kind of impatient and didn’t want to wait long, so after about 10 minutes, I applied the pieces of tape; thankfully the nails were dry by then. Over the tape, I sponged another two coats of the same gradient, but upside-down. I had to fix some bits here and there where the tape didn’t stick well, but other than that it was pretty easy.

31DC2014 Rainbow: Flecks of Color


With today’s challenge, I wanted to do something that would be similar to the design I did for Black & White, but in color. Actually, I thought Rainbow came before Metallic, so I was a bit disappointed when I checked and realized it was the other way around. This looks messy in the purple and red parts, because the top coat I used smeared some of the color (it was Ciaté Speed Coat Pro by the way, which came with the Flower Manicure Kit).

The gold base is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Go For Gold, and over that I applied Maybelline Color Show Sequins Gold’s Night Out, an amazing gold glitter polish with some holo effect. I then drew triangle shapes with a white nail art striper, filled them in, and applied the colors over that. The green is Icing True Beauty, and the rest of the polishes are by Sinful ColorsGrecian Sun (blue), Let’s Talk (purple), and Hot & Sour (red).

31DC2014 Metallic: Foil Flowers


This is one of those designs that looked better in my head. I wanted to use colored foil to create an ornate design, but I ended up with too much black space. Some of the foil didn’t stick well either, so there were a few ‘bald spots.’ The base is Wet ‘n’ Wild Black Creme, and I also used black to outline the shapes. In person the colors look much brighter, and the foil looks more metallic. My two favorite nails are the pinky and ring finger. I think the gold flowers look really cute, and I love the effect of the rainbow foil on the thin lines of the ring finger.

31DC2014 Black and White: Broken Glass


I’m really happy with this design! It took a while to do, but it was worth it. I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme White On. Then, using a black nail art striper (Salon Perfect Black Ink), I drew a vertical line down the middle of the nails with the exception of the accent nail. From that line, I made diagonal lines on each side similar to a feather design. The last step was to randomly fill in the spaces leaving some visible triangular shapes. I think this design would be great with a matte topcoat as well (I would have tried it, but my matte ran out).


31DC2014 Violet: Half-Way Stripes


For this design, I only used two colors. The base is Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous, a deep violet with fuchsia shimmer that doesn’t actually appear once applied to the nails. For the lines, I used the striper polish KISS Nail Art Soft Pink. I like how it turned out, but I think it would have looked even better if I had put in some thinner lines in between the thicker ones.